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Tuesday, October 29 2019
Cape Coral Mechanic Florida
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Do not get fuel if you see a tanker at the gas station. The filters will stop the debris that has been stirred up at the bottom of the tank but not stop the water as it is a liquid and will pass through the filters.

Your tires should be rotated every 6-7000 miles unless they are staggered(different sizes) then they cannot be rotated. Rotating your tires will give you longer tire life and better safety and traction.

If you have a strange odor that was not there last time you drove your vehicle you could have a fluid leak or picked up debris like a plastic bag on your exhaust. come by and let us check it out, better safe than sorry.

I f you have the ABS light or traction control light or message on your dash you do not have anti-lock brakes at this point. What this means is if you lock the brakes up on a wet road you will slide and possibly wreck. You need to have the system looked at as soon as possible. If the insurance c...

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If the air bag or restraint system light is illuminated on your dash then the entire air bag system is deactivated and if you are in a wreck the air bags will not deploy. Let us check out the system and repair it so you and your family are safe during travels.

Operate all of your windows once a month to keep the mechanism freed up and working. It will also keep the window glass seal from sticking to the window glass.

Red lights on your dash(other than seatbelt light) mean pull over immediately where as yellow lights mean to have the vehicle checked for a problem as soon as possible. If the yellow check engine is light is flashing, that means you have problem that may be causing catalyst failure and it needs t...

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Make sure when you get your vehicle serviced that they check the spare tire and make sure it is full of air.


a month ago
Dan and their staff at Edison Auto Service are top-notch! They are very thorough and precise and constantly keep you in touch with what your bill should be. I couldn't be happier with their service and performance. I actually brought a car in that other mechanics couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. They easily did. They have a return customer in me. Thanks Edison Auto for all you've done for us. Greatly appreciated!
2 months ago
You can be sure you are getting a fair price at this place. Very helpful and friendly staff. They know what they are doing! They do not try to add on needless services. I highly recommend Edison Auto for your car repair needs!
- Amy r
a month ago
Very courteous, informative and professional! Had appointment at 12 and they were on time had me out within 45 minutes. Highly recommend them and we’ll definitely be using again!!!
- Jennifer J
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